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Financial Management and Planning for Nonprofits is a Course

Financial Management and Planning for Nonprofits

Sep 11, 2023 - Oct 22, 2023
2 CEUs

$400 Enroll

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 6 Weeks

3-8 hours/Week


Course Type:

2.0 CEUs

Course Description

Nonprofits depend on everything from small individual donations to large-scale grants to fund their important work. These varied and unpredictable funding sources mean that it's incredibly important to carefully plan and manage budgets within your organization. Effective financial planning is one of the most important factors for success in any nonprofit, and our course will give you the skills needed to manage this complicated terrain.

This course will guide you through the development, planning, and analysis phases of nonprofit financials. You will gain an in-depth perspective on how to assess and understand an organization's financial health. You will finish the course with advanced knowledge needed to navigate the complex world of nonprofit financials.



In this course, you will gain essential insights in how to prepare and produce:

  • Financial statements, balance statements, cash flow documents and more
  • Planning documents to apply for and properly utilize grant dollars
  • The necessary infrastructure for managing individual donations to your organization

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