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Fundamentals of Human Resources is a Course

Fundamentals of Human Resources

Sep 13 - Oct 18, 2021
2.0 credits

$550 Enroll

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5 Weeks

3-8 Hours/Week


Course Type:

2.0 CEUs with SHRM®

Course Description

Learn the fundamentals of human resource management throughout the employee lifecycle. This course walks you through such essentials as recruitment, compensation, onboarding, training, performance, and more.

In this course, you will build essential fundamental human resources knowledge to help you successfully navigate the relationship between employee and employer. You will also learn theory around employee morale and group dynamics. Topics include:

  •     Recruiting and Staffing
  •     Employee Training and Career Development
  •     Sustaining Employee Performance


Required Materials:

Introduction to Human Resource Management (2nd/3rd ed.), by Paul Banfield and Rebecca Kay (ISBN-13: 978-0198702825)



  •     Integrate essential human resource elements into the core functions of your organization.
  •     Capitalize on recent trends and their role in contemporary HR practices.
  •     Develop best-practices to build a strong relationship between management and employees.

Course Instructor

Spencer Waldron