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Business-to-Business Marketing is a Course

Business-to-Business Marketing

Mar 13, 2023 - Apr 24, 2023
2.5 credits

$625 Enroll

Full course description

6 Weeks

3-8 Hours/Week


Course Type:

2.5 CEUs

Course Description

Business-to-business (B2B) transactions (the process where one company buys products or services from another) make up the majority of business transactions. That's why growth-oriented marketers need an understanding of B2B marketing essentials. In our Business-to-Business (B2B) marketing course, you will study this critical area and consider the multiple ways you present your organization and brand to other businesses.

In our expert-led online course, you will gain insights on proven B2B marketing strategies and the ways that data can shape strategy in dynamic ways. You will also understand the unique needs of those company contacts you may be targeting; depending on your product or service, your target audience could include functional groups, procurement/purchasing staff, mid-level managers, and/or c-suite executives. You will also learn marketing's role in helping your organization build the kind of lasting relationships that lead to repeat business.


Required Material:

None. Materials will be provided throughout the course. 



  • Understand crucial strategies for engaging with difficult-to-reach, but high-value businesses.
  • Differentiate between C2B and B2B marketing strategies.
  • Create aligned marketing content for social, mobile, and web platforms aimed at B2B customers.
  • Develop an effective marketing plan that strategically identifies business needs and relationship development.

Course Instructor

Jeff Marcoux

Vice President of Product Marketing & Customer Experience Solutions at Teletech

Jeff is focused on helping brands deliver experiences that reflect the very best of humanity. He has driven cross product and team collaboration, digital transformation, supported multiple product releases, bringing new products to market, innovative marketing strategies, channel development, and acquisition integration work. He believes that every touch point with a customer is a marketing experience- from marketing to sales to customer service. Jeff is a marketing growth hacker, CX evangelists, martech expert, and brings entrepreneurial innovation to a big tech world. Additionally, Marcoux is a prominent customer experience and marketing speaker, and an adjunct professor of marketing for UC Irvine & Oregon State University. He attended the University of Washington where he received his MBA in Leadership and Certificate in Technology Entrepreneurship.