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Principles of Marketing is a Course

Principles of Marketing

Apr 6 - May 11, 2020
2.5 credits

$550 Enroll

Full course description

5 Weeks

3-8 Hours/Week


Course Type:

2.5 CEUs

Course Description

This course will allow you to build essential marketing skills while also learning how to communicate your organization’s story through a memorable and meaningful brand. Upon completion, you will be able to draw on these marketing concepts and theories to engage your customers, strategically approach your market and develop your organization's brand.


  • Understand the principles of marketing, including identifying consumer behaviors, recognizing market opportunities, and developing marketing plans
  • Make data-driven, strategic decisions on marketing
  • Apply marketing decisions on products and services, pricing, place, and promotion strategies
  • Develop a marketing plan that is aligned with business strategies

Course Instructor

John Hartman

John serves as the Director of Research and Development, John is pushing the boundaries of cross platform media creation. Harnessing the power of LIQUID storytelling John is developing solutions for integrated media platforms that straddle technical and creative workflows for Movies, TV, Digital, Interactive, Games. He is working with top entertainment and technology industry leaders to deliver next generation media solutions. In this role, he has implemented an innovative technology platform that uses artificial intelligence to optimize production planning, MARCOM scheduling and media management that hooks into story bibles and core narrative components.